UFO and paranormal phenomena

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UFO aliens

An indepth site that explores the evidence of alien visitation from ancient times to the present, so many UFO cases so many aliens.

Find personal experiences on UFO Stories pages. The types of stories which may appear, can include: UFO Sightings, Alien Abduction, Ghost, Bigfoot, Psychic Phenomenon, Past Lives, Astral Projection, basically anything that could be considered paranormal or supernatural in nature. Aliens come to earth using their UFO flying sauce.
What is not a UFO Discover how to regonise the fake UFO pictures and videos
video recorded by the Chinese shows aliens Chinese video shows aliens
Ufologia The birth of Ufologia dated 24 June 1947.
UFO over vancouver UFO over vancouver this video was taken by the hotel in Canada, Do you like to see this Ufo case? Seems real
UFO over mexico city Historic UFO over Mexico City August 6, 1997 is one of the most popular videos all over the wold
UFO over france UFO over france
UFO over Crop Circles in England UFO over Crop Circles South Alton Barns England August 14, 2008, watch this amazing video and you will say waooo they do exist
UFO in Turkey UFO case in in Istanbul Turkey a few years ago, the night sky was a place of UFO, watch this original video film
UFO in Toungkouska UFO Strikes earth; One hundred years later, the mystery remains in Toungkouska
Ufo in Sweden This Ufo video was taken in Sweden. It shown an alien aircraft over the buildings , so clear so close
UFO in Somerset UK UFO Somerset, UK case is consider to be one of the most intresting in the UFO history in the UK, wathch the amazing video as well
UFO in iran UFO case in Iran is one of the best in the world
UFO in China This UFO case shows a video of a UFO over a big building and a lot of people around, very clear case
UFO in belgium UFOS fly over belgium
UFO filmed by Russian Farmer THis amazing video was UFO filmed by Russian Farmer, very real very original
UFO evidence in earth Undoubtedly there are obviously different presumptions UFO incidents (pieces of Metallic material, photos, video etc.)
UFO case in Kurdistan This UFO case shows clearly a UFO flying over the feilds in Kourdistan.
UFO case in Greece This is a UFO case in Greece, what is this? Where are they come from? UFO are real.
UFO are you afraid of them? Nothing has emerged from the study of UFO the last 40 years
UFO a psychological phenomenon Why Do the people who speculate about aliens, having seen an eye, already have some "knowledge"-views on this issue in contrast to others that we let the matter as psychological phenomenon
The black UFO  Strories for UFO and memories
Suffolk England UFO Suffolk, England UFO case 1980
Nteniken The study and the results about aliens
Mars has water  Mars has water and aliens
Let UFO live in our mind We need to see them in order to belive in UFOs
Harvard and abductions by aliens! Harvard and abductions by aliens!
Discovery of a strange alien Discovery of a strange alien
Brazilian UFO file cases UFO in brazil the cases
Apocalypse of John  Apocalypse of John
Aliens on the moon UFOs on he moon
X-files were resposible for UFO cases in the UK The series X-files was one of the most successful television series that was the subject of aliens and the unexplained phenomena.
Jacques Vallee UFO researcher  I am pleased that the local decided to deal with a researcher like Jacques Vallee.
Taken by Aliens
UFO cases
UFO crash
UFO in ancient years
We are alone or not
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