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What is time

time is mystery does it really exisit

Many of the issues available for humans are mortal physical reality and existence, therefore, subject to time and the deterioration is offered as something that is stillborn.Years now is the same transient is like the time someone used to think before you react. Also if someone wants to take a decision or to learn something and the time seems long. For the eternal objects is not the time. It may, however, the man trying to transform into eternal principles to the perishable prosetairistei and to "use" or for uses perishable and CHANGED logic to explain firm eternal truths? Once a man entering a taxi to go to work, gently struck his head on the roof of the taxi and it caused a temporary concussion few seconds. In seconds they lived a dream, where he was born, grew up in similar circumstances and situations, until they did engonia.Kiola in seconds ... This shows the relevance and peratotita time in relation to the brain (the better spirit) that is clearly superior in years and despite the narrow margin, the man has the ability to overcome and become eternal. I believe that on the time and fthartotita the man, now living in the eddy, despite being the senior ...
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What is time
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