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Walt Disney Pixars Cars coloring pages

Walt Disney Pixar's Cars was one the most succesfull story in cinema movies. Print cars and color them all.

Meet all the Walt Disney cars and color them. Cars has a fresh new set of characters and a whole new story to add to the Disney treasure box.

Buckle up Disney Fans, Pixar does it again! You know Pixar is due to make bomb, I swear they have to be! No animation studio can put out so many consecutive great animated films from the beginning and keep the streak alive. Can they? Well don't worry the streak goes on! The story itself revolves around a smug race car (Lightning McQueen) who puts himself before anything, and the unplanned detour in the above mentioned place that puts a lot of his life into perspective. Throw in a big race at the end where he learns what is most important rounds out the movie. Teaching McQueen these life lessons are some of the best characters you will run into. Larry the Cable Guy almost steals the movie as "Tow Mater" the tow truck. (I must say I was never a big Larry the Cable Guy fan, but he moves up the ranks with me now!) But as most Disney movies I see I always pick a great secondary character and this one is no exception. The two cars that run the Tire Store (Voiced by Tony Shaloub) are downright hilarious! These two made the movie for me. I was in stitches whenever they were on the screen.

Doc Hudson car coloring page Doc Hudson was one of the main characters on Walt Disney Pixar's Cars movie
Guido Walt Disney Pixars Cars  Print this Guido Walt Disney Pixars Car, and then color it in blue
Walt Disney Pixar's Cars king, McQueen, Mater, Sally, Ramone Walt Disney Pixar's Cars print and color: king, McQueen, Mater, Sally, Ramone
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