Unexplained phenomena - World mysteries

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In every corner of our planet there are mysteries which for centuries now looking to their solution. Discussion on any unexplained phenomenon.

Archeology and Science in general, several times, coming to a real embarrassment when unexplained phenomena, facts, findings or theories are testing the incumbent. The megalithic monuments, archaeological sites namely, the phenomenon of crop circles etc. force science to revise its views and leave a window from which to enter the Esoteric who knows how to give satisfactory answers to these theoretical gaps of science.
Eastern philosophy Eastern philosophy and the unknown religious and mythical mixure.
Ghost Ghost, poltergeist, spirit, form, presence. These forms constantly remind people of another life that would inevitably follow
indigo child We give some descriptions about whether your child belongs to the group indigo child
Prophecies prophecies are written by hummans some of them have alredy been done!
Religions Is the truth finally only through us, and believe only in ourselves and not in religions?
Technology in our life Technology is changing in very high rates the last 2 decates this rate of change will increase the next years
The 10 greatest mysteries The 10 greatest mysteries of the Mind and Life
U.F.O. UFO is still an unknow subject to us.
2012 the year of changes
About God
Ghost Stories
Gods and Satans
Mora: Myth or reality
Simple Solutions
Strange Stories
Unexplained Stories
Unidentified flying object
Unsolved Mysteries
What is time
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