UFO and paranormal phenomena

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Aliens are comming

UFO and aliens will fly free among us the next few decates

Nowdays we see the last issue of mobility in the eyes and generally applicable alien slowly opened their archives, while the big countries and the declaration of Astronomer of the Vatican is important as we see ahead in order Be covered in case of any communication.
Why the aliens do not contact us? Why the aliens do not contact us?
Ufo case in Italy Watch this video with the UFO case in Italy, is it trou? Well it seems to bee a real UFO...
Planets that are located outside of our solar system Planets that are located outside of our solar system
GOOGLE earth Alien base Here are some amazing videos from google earth that shows (ufo) the Alien base; The position coordinates are given
Data for existence of life Data for existence of life
Aliens visit earth for some reason Obviously for us Aliens visit us. There are some reasons for comming here, may Obviously for us Aliens visit us
Taken by Aliens
UFO cases
UFO crash
UFO in ancient years
We are alone or not
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