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The Lakme opera

The Lakme opera take place in India the 19th century. The contrast between two cultures and of love that crosses national borders.

The Nilakantha, vrachmanos priest enemy and the British colonies, has given the daughter of Lakme care of the sacred garden during absence. A group of British visitors entering the sacred space and Zerar, an English officer who falls for the Lakme which responds to the feelings. The Nilakantha angry for violation of the sacred garden and seek the guilty. The priest in beggar disguise and forced his daughter to sing in order to entice the culprit. The Zerar fall into the trap and betrayed while Nilakantha the injured. The Lakme favorite hiding in a cabin in the woods and cares to be recovered. The Frederick, Zerar friend informing him that he should return to military duties while Lakme takes poison. The case of the opera The Nikalantha, vrachmanos passionately enemy priest and English settlers, has assigned to his daughter, Lakme, care of the sacred garden during a brief absence. The Lakme and rather go to the jungle to collect flowers During his absence, although the place is forbidden to Europeans and the Tzeral Frederick, accompanied by Ellen, the Rouge and Mrs Benson enter the sacred space and fascinated with garden. Quickly leaving. The Gerald, however, remains to take the risk, despite the warnings of his friends. The Lakme return by boat from the river, meets the Gerald and love one another. The Gerald leaves when entering the Nikalantha passionately to avenge the attacker. A storm that prevents xespaei Nikalantha follow the Gerald, but says it will kill this stranger. Second Act: Bazaar in the nearby town. The Nikalantha has come here with his daughter and two disguised in beggars. Requires Lakme bells to sing with the hope that they will attract the attention of the British. The Gerald, located between the host recognizes the voice, and comes as close to the father of a stab wound but is not lethal. Think the dead, but the Lakme put the maid to take away from the text. Third Practice: The Lakme Gerald has the hide in a cabin in the woods, where he arranges to recover. The Lakme, fearing that his love Gerald will not keep you, go to bring the magic water, according to a indouistiki prevent ties that we drink, forever in love. During her absence, found his friend Gerald Frederick and the calls to return to military duties. The Lakme turns, and seeing the Gerald wants to go back, brainwashed with the juice and a flower dies in his arms. The Nikalantha calms down after his daughter to death exileothike to disgrace it.
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