Unexplained phenomena - World mysteries

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Strange Stories

It includes lots of fascinating and amusing stories about science (as known at the time) and history

Strange Stories, Amazing Facts: Listen So a strange events that happened my relatives and persons to a friend with me and reflect strongly.
Disease like AIDS kills wild chimpanzees  Ultimately destroyed the impression of scientists that chimpanzees do not manifest symptoms of the immunodeficiency virus in monkeys, that the HIV virus that affects humans
Highly sensitive cameras able to record even individual photons confirming that the human body emits light whose intensity fluctuates even by time of day.
The message of Michael Jackson! Video The message of Michael Jackson! Video
UFO Abduction girl in New York  I am not crazy, not dreamed, kidnapped by aliens!
2012 the year of changes
About God
Ghost Stories
Gods and Satans
Mora: Myth or reality
Simple Solutions
Strange Stories
Unexplained Stories
Unidentified flying object
Unsolved Mysteries
What is time
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