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Shinto or Sinti

Shinto or Sinti more precisely: sin'toou is the indigenous religion of Japan and for a time the state religion.

In the center of Shinto worship is of no, Japanese word meaning god, goddess or spirit. These can sometimes be related to deities of natural assets (eg Amaterasou, the Goddess of the Sun) and a spirit residing in a place (ie cave), a tree or brook. Every living creature and every non-living object contains a no. The sum of all sometimes called "no legal giaogorotsou" which literally means no 8 million (which can be translated "no endless"). Animistikes classified as religions. In Japanese Sinti (Shintō) means «the road (way) of Gods». The origins of Shinto lost in the beginning of Japanese history. As the only religion in the 6th AD century onwards, together with imports from Korea Buddhism, is associated with the development of Japanese civilization and the uniqueness of the Japanese way of thinking and living. Since the end of World War II, and ceased to be a state religion, and the unprecedented changes experienced by the Japanese society, its role is limited under the protocol. While 4 to 5 million Japanese estimated that actively engage in Shinto, the number of participants even occasionally calculated for 2003 at 107,559,000, which accounts for 84% of the population.
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