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Satanism is the search which includes real risk and the Persons making genuine secret tests which bring to the limits and beyond them, of course, mentally and psychologically.

The Satanism search, in principle, concerns the quest for individual «dark side» and is a part of participation in ceremonies and magic ierotelesteies. This principle is involved where the neophyte and later directed satanistika rituals-such as the Black mass-allows person to explore the dark side, gradually to understand how to make conscious and then to progress. One approach to do this consciousness is the symbolism eptadiko-like system in which various magical actions symbolized in various ways through the process. These notations allow actions to be distributed through the implementation and through this to understand. This alone is capable of completing the «dark side». All this is a composition-a dynamic, conscious move to the front of the secret development of a vision prosopikotitos.I has won! In the jargon of psychology, is the principle of individuation. This leads to the practical experience of the left path and further personal development .. Because of practical experience as type tests, the person becomes known as contractual in nature. There is a defiance of the restrictions, a dignity, experience and understanding after all those whose religion failed. In Nitseiki terminology, there is a practical way of life «dominant morality». The person who created through these experiences (see above) is the guy who inspires a certain fear in indolent mass being cut off from the masses which is Nazariki spinelessness . As to that person has just started the process. This is the type of the character described which is the result of previous experience and not what we mean by an expert (adept) 7 steps of the left path (or practice alchemy). The practical involvement in the occult through ceremonies and things like to organize and run an evil group describes the first 2 steps of the path. Even if this principle is taken a few years this principle requires the person to succeed with his effort and determination. That's it! There are no magic points or securities distributed in cash or in advertising (as in all so-called satanic groups). What a person accomplishes in terms of degrees of the magic he manages through his staff toil through experience creating the appropriate type of personality at a given stage of the road to follow. Therefore, each stage of this road is related to the necessary work, with the necessary experience, the person must require only the time he can. It is these alone which bring self, kyriarcheia, understanding and skills and personal-apokryfistikes. What O.N.A at each level and each member is to provide advice-based experience. The O.N.A leading members-provides a practical system through which real wisdom. The responsibility falls to the individual to achieve the goal.
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