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History of Religion begins simultaneously with the history of man

There are many religions around the world. The currently known religions are divided into physical and given. Natural are those created by man himself, with imagination and thinking in order to satisfy the inherent religious momentum that exists in this. Given are those of the truths revealed to man by God himself. The term religion is sometimes used interchangeably with the word faith, or belief system determines the general belief in supernatural, the sacred or the divine and moral codes, practices, values, institutions and rituals related to. In the broadest sense some have defined it as the sum of responses to explain the relationship of mankind with the universe.
Buddhism It is religion that appeared in India and is directly related to Hinduism. The founder of Buddhism is Sinchatra Gkaoutama (Buddha),
Christianity religion Builder of Christianity is Jesus Christ. The coming of Christ in the world was foreshadowed by holy persons of Jewish religion, the prophets.
Hinduism Hinduism and Hinduism is the religion which they believe three quarters of the people of India.
Islam is a monotheistic religion, which amounted to preaching and actions of Prophet Mohammed (Muhamad) at the beginning of the 7th century.
Judaism The history of Judaism begins with the Patriarch Abraham, who around 1750 BC nominated by the God who was faithful,
Satanism Satanism is the search which includes real risk and the Persons making genuine secret tests which bring to the limits and beyond them, of course, mentally and psychologically.
Shinto or Sinti Shinto or Sinti more precisely: sin'toou is the indigenous religion of Japan and for a time the state religion.
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