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Mora: Myth or reality

The word Mora is Slavic; mora «mora» and mean mistress

The Greek origin comes from the «Mormon» mythological female monster with which the children scarer the ancients. The latter or otherwise mora is one of the most controversial myths whose history is lost in the depths of centuries. Yet many are those who believe that the mora is not a myth than a reality. Moving on, what is ultimately the mora (or Morouzi); The mora is an independent spirit. According to the descriptions is a woman mafroforemeni, which occurs in sleep when sleep is usually a flat, the holding hands and trying to get away. In fact, you can not move your little dachtylaki and chest pain where you sit, your breathtaking to the point where you feel that slowly and slowly indeed, unless the win. If the save for the next 3 days approximately still feel quite uncomfortable acute chest pain and you can take a deep breath. From what people who have broken the other hand, suppose that the feeling is similar. Appears in many forms the most common is the poor old lady, but much is that they have seen a beautiful girl and even the form of light microscopic sphere or dwarf etc. The mora is wearing a black cap, the legend says that whoever manages to get in will have three wishes (something similar to the myth of the Tooth Fairy), where the mora managed to regain his back then he dies. From what we know so far only one had managed to get the cap, the desire was to become the mora real woman. Thus it was, he married this woman and had children with her. Make sure the cap to hide somewhere well. Until one day the mora rediscovers the cap and then disappeared again. A few words about the legend. One version is that the mora is Lilith (Lilith), the first wife of Adam, or one of three daughters. As the knowledge and the esoteric texts of the Old Testament Lilith LEFT paradise for two possible reasons: 1. Was that the initiation Adam (after prompting of Satan) in the enjoyment of sex. Ie that taught him that sex is only for reproduction but also for pleasure and this angered God and the exiled. 2. Adam tried to force the Lilith, she alarmed tonParadeiso left. I personally favor the first version, as it has, however, the story goes as follows: The Adam, regretted the exodus of Lilith and asked God to tinferei back. He sent 3 angels to find and bring back to where they found somewhere in Mesopotamia. On several occasions asked to return but denied that. They also said that for centuries of centuries, will visit children in their sleep and drowns them, to avenge. Angry angels, the threatened to rouse the sea to drown. The Lilith began to cry and be parakalaei to regret. Indeed angels succumbed to the entreaties and those of «remuneration» vowed that would not mind the children will have the names of these 3 angels written on the cradle (hence the paper / parchment). Now, because the left to go though the floor was not the back (that will revenge), is a question unanswered. But the Bible is full of such questions anyway. To finish the story, then said that Satan made his wife and Archontissa all dark beings. It is said that the Lilith is the first Vampires. Since stoicheionei the dreams of men and make love with their attacks on pregnant women and finally kills. According to the text that appears mafroforemeni. A more rational explanation is that the Babies are "psychic vampire" that posed a skeptomorfi someone and sends another to sleep. One form of energy trying to get the energy of the victim (or his blood as we know the familiar stories of vampires) and ultimately the victim dies. One form of Voodoo or something. To protect one of the mora is very difficult. For many protection spells, but said that the most effective is to write a paper the names of three angels sent by God to the chase (the Lilith) when he left the heaven, the Sanvi the Sansavi and Samengkelaf. Their names are written preferably in enochiani angelikani or write, with pen in sacramental virgin parchment. The vellum to put over the bed. There is a prayer in which protects. The prayer is not written in a book and become spread from mouth to mouth for many centuries. The prayer is as follows: Mora - mora kakavia the stars measures, a kilo of lentils, pebbles of the sea and the stones of the earth and then come to me We pray this all three times when you fall asleep and that the count all the mora, you have awaken. However, once a visit, no spell will not work. The only thing that will save you the courage and audacity. We have to look straight in the eye and to show that not afraid. The mora appears not only once but for a very long time or even for a lifetime. Know that this is hereditary and can occur in individuals of the same family and their descendants. Myth or reality? Nobody knows. Hundreds of people who are not related at all with the world of reported similar incidents like this in mora. Sweet dreams.
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