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The history of Judaism begins with the Patriarch Abraham, who around 1750 BC nominated by the God who was faithful,

Patriarch Abraham left multygods environment Mesopotamia and settled on Earth Hannah. From Abraham came the people of Israel, who migrated to Egypt, and who undertook to restore the land of the ancestors of Moses in 1220 BC The people of Israel after the 6. century BC merely breed of Judas, which was the name of Judaism. Station in shaping the Jewish religion are the prophets, the people who carried the will of God, and herald the coming of the Messiah. The Law of Moses and the rest of the Old Testament teaching, the main framework of faith and worship of the Judaeo people. The first and main point of Judaism is the belief in one true God. There are sacred places for the worship of God. This repentance is a key instrument for the reconciliation of people with God. To fight against sins, have established a number of formal instruments, such as sacrifices, the ceremonies, fasting, etc. The love of others offered only to relatives and fellow. Another key point of the teaching of Judaism is the Messiah, the anticipation that the Messiah who comes from the maiden name of David, is Son of God and is gifted with exceptional talents and divine power. In Roman times, the Jewish people has religious depression, leading to misunderstand the intellectual and global mission of the Messiah, but still waiting for a Messiah ground to make the sovereign Jewish nation in the world. Judaism is a monotheistic religion and is the first revelation of God in the world. It is a preparatory character. He «tutor at Christ» (FR 3, 24). With the advent of Christianity, ending the mission of Judaism.
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