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is a monotheistic religion, which amounted to preaching and actions of Prophet Mohammed (Muhamad) at the beginning of the 7th century.

Islam took its name from the word Islam means unlimited devotion to God. Apparently every mouslim by the word mouslim who will say loyalty Islam and the name of Mohammed is the founder of this religion. The Mohammed was born in Mecca in Arabia in 570 AD, was a trader and made several trips, so we met with many Christian and Jew and to exchange views on religious matters. At the age of 40 years, he said, envisioned an angel, which felt like a call from God to the office of Prophet. Followers of Islam is now the world approximately 427 million. The teaching of Islam contained in the Koran, and includes elements of Judaism, Christianity and Arab religious tradition. From the Jewish Religion borrowed circumcision, the fasting, the katharmous etc. Accepts that Noah, Abraham, Moses and Elias were fair. In imitation of the Jewish Day of Atonement fast initially established on the tenth day of the first month of the year and later throughout the month, called the Ramadan. In Christianity recognizes the moral greatness of Christ and the Gospels considers the holy scriptures. It accepts the supernatural birth, miracles, and the Commitment of the Second Coming of Christ. Even accepting the resurrection of the dead, a future crisis, the punishment of sinners and the reward of the law. It denies the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and the deity, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ. Dogmatic symbol of Islam is, One is the God Allah and the Prophet Mohammed in. Followers of Islam have to love the small and poor, to pray, to do charity, to fast to make proskynisi in Mecca, have confessed the faith and to participate in holy war to spread their religion across the world . The history of concern is the soul of sins, and those virtues are causing calm. In the mosque are not allowed images. The Islam is a mixture of religions. Contains data from Judaism, Christianity and Arab religious tradition, and many pagan elements. It is easy to respect the religious orders and satisfy their material desires of the fans. The prevailing religion in Arabia before the advent of Islam was a combination animismou and polytheismou.Efreos was widespread was the worship spirits poukatoikousan the trees and the sources of the OSCE. Chief among the deities was Allah, the creator of the world. Moreover, widespread was the worship of sacred stones, for which they believed to contain a force that could be transmitted to the faithful together. Important sanctuary in which it was made annual pilgrimages to Mecca Kaampa in a large cube-like building, built on one of these sacred stones, which housed also many other deities statues. There were, finally, Jewish and Christian communities.
The five pillars of Islam Confession of faith and repetition of the phrase There is no other God but Allah and the Muhammad is the prophet.
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