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History of world cup

Although the first football team in the world was created in 1857 (Sheffield Football Club), until 1905 was the first debate to create a world football championship by the FIFA (International Football Federation).

Football made its first global appearance at the Olympic Games of 1908 in London, matches are not successful and unsuccessful. But 13 years later, Gilles Rime elected president of FIFA and dreams of all the world to join a soccer ball, all seeking to speak the language of football. So 6 years later, under the supervision and chair of Rime, 5melis Committee (bonus Meisl, Ntelone, you and Lineman) is planning the creation of the World Cup. The proposals fall one after another, adopted and Bon is the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Cup. Eventually the Uruguay, the country decided to organize the first World Cup races, despite the objections of many European countries, which threatened to abstain from the PC if it were a country in Latin America. Finally on 7 July 1930 becomes the first lottery for 4 Of PC clusters with only 13 teams to participate, and 6 days later, the whistle of referee Domingo Lomparnti starts the race in Mexico and France. In the 19th minute Frenchman Laurent opened the score and become the first player to score a World Cup. Eventually the French will prevail 4-1. The story starts to write.
The trophy Gilles Rime  The trophy Gilles Rime was given to the winner from 1930 to 1970!
Preliminary and Final phase of FIFA FIFA world cup Preliminary phase; all the intresting procuders followed, and the Final phase
How to select organizers of world cup learn more about how the selection of organizers of world cup is done
African Zone
American Zone
Asia teams of FIFA 2010
European teams
FIFA stories
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