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Hinduism and Hinduism is the religion which they believe three quarters of the people of India.

There is no specific founder, nor mentioned in the history of a person who linked to the appearance. There is a view that Hinduism began creating in 1000 BC some of them who were Vrachmanous cleric classes explaining the faithful in sacred texts. From 300 BC onwards, there are many features of Hinduism, which survive today. Since 711 AD onwards, Hinduism was influenced by other peoples and religions created in the ┬źNeoindouismos┬╗, who believe in India today. Teaching Hinduism. In Hinduism theopoiithei have the celestial bodies Sun, Moon, Stars, and natural phenomena, rain, floods, droughts, etc., and most animals, like the peacock, a snake, the cow by al. The Hindus believe in reincarnation, and the various rituals in the Holy Scriptures. The main holy scriptures of the Hindus are Vedes the Vrachmanes and Oupanisad. The Holy Scriptures are contained hymns to the gods, magic acts, and calls hocus pocus and various ritual and ascetic practices. A well spread ascetic practice is yoga to believe that the followers of Hinduism that you get the release of the person of reincarnation and rise to perfection. In Hinduism there are many sects and the most important of which are: Of Visnouiton. The Visnouites enjoy Visnou, represented a new blue color, with four hands holding symbolic objects.
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