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Greek places

Greece is the land voted by gods to stay and live for thousands of years, there are so many places to visit,

The Greek site is mottled from archaeological sites and monuments with a special beauty and charm, which have left their stamp all hitherto known long periods of Greek history. Those who visit the country, have the opportunity to make a unique «trip» in rare «mosaic» of historical and cultural memory that is indelibly imprinted in every region of the country and highlights the multifaceted effortlessly versions of Greek culture, until now.
Acropolis Parthenonas In the rocky hill of the Acropolis, which dominates the center of modern Athens, was the most important and sacred megaloprepestero of the ancient city, dedicated, primarily, to the goddess protector, Athena.
Epidaurus the theater The place of Epidaurus was sacred to deities with healing properties since prehistoric times.
Olympia the archeology In the western Peloponnese, in the beautiful valley of the river Alpheios, flourished the most glorious temple of ancient Greece,
Paphos Travel Guide Paphos Travel Guide - Get the idea on how is living on Paradise.
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Greek places
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