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Greece Vs Turkey

The second largest genocide of the 20th century: 353,000 Greeks were killed by the Turks

In 1919 opened a new program of Turkish fanatics against the Greeks by Kemal regime, much more savage and cruel than the former. That persecution was knock out the Greek Pontic. On 19 May, with the arival of Mustafa Kemal to Samsun, starts the second phase of tougher Pontic Genocide. With the help of members of the Young Turks Komitatou set up a secret organization, Mutafai Milliye, declaring the hatred of Greeks and plans to complete the extermination of the Pontic Greeks. What we achieved the status sultan in five centuries of despotic administration, did a few years Kemal, killed Hellenism of Pontos and Ionia. Terrorism, labor battalions, the exiles, the gallows, the burning of villages, rape, murder led the Greeks of Pontus to rise up guerrilla in the mountains to protect the civilian population. The victims of the genocide would have been much more if there was the epic and akatavlito pontiak rebels. With the prevalence of Kemal, the persecution continued with greater intensity. Steena Sea cities of the infamous emergency courts independence, condemning and perform the leadership of Pontic Greeks. The approaching end of the Sea. The fewer voices. The genocide of Greeks in Pontus was the result of the decision of the Turkish nationalists to resolve the national problem of the Ottoman Empire with the physical disappearance of indigenous peoples.The second largest genocide of the 20th century was a reality. Genocide of Christian peoples, Greeks and Armenians, the compulsory removal of those who survived and violent turkish Muslim nations such as Kurds, who continued to remain in Turkish now territory. The Greeks in Pontos amounted to 700,000 people on the eve of the First World War. By the end of 1923 353,000 people were killed.
Important dates for the Greek Genocide Turks were the killers of the 20th century will someone punish them?
Winston Churchill writes for smirma The Kemal celebrated the triumph of the change of Smyrna in ashes and the enormous slaughter of the Christian population there, he wrote the memoirs of Winston Churchill.
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