Unexplained phenomena - World mysteries

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Gods and Satans

Religion is the work of God distorted by man and packed and served

God created the different religions to serve the different needs of people in different times and parts of the world. All teachings are simply different paths. A path can not ever be the same God. It can not get the God we follow One of these pathways with real dedication. One piece cake can not eat from the side or middle, taste will always be sweet. What about satan? The truth is more than religious beliefs and doctrines and does not belong to anyone.
Michelle de Nostrentam or simply Nostradamos Born on 14 December 1503 in Saint Remi of Provence from France;spoken Jewish-Greek, Latin, Hebrew
Religion reality or fake Religion is a brain wash that is difficult to change
There is life "elsewhere"? What are UFOs? There is life "elsewhere"? What are UFOs?
2012 the year of changes
About God
Ghost Stories
Gods and Satans
Mora: Myth or reality
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Unexplained Stories
Unidentified flying object
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What is time
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