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A comprehensive listing of every FIFA World Cup game ever with profiles of the greatest teams and players. FIFA World cup 2010

The World Cup of 2010 (official name: 2010 FIFA World Cup) will be the 19th World Cup and will be held in South Afriki. It will last one month from 11 June to 11 July will be 2010.Afti the first time an African country will host football Federation Cup. World Cup is a football event which takes place every four years under the auspices of the World Football Federation (FIFA). In taking this part of the national teams of the member states of the federation, which managed to qualify after qualifying matches. It is considered the top football event which manages to attract many spectators, viewers and sponsors. For 2006 World Cup held in the country of Germany with the participation of 32 national teams from five continents. Anakyrichthike winning team of the Italian national team won the final event of the national team of France in the shootout procedure. Most wins for Brazil with five achievements and significant successes have been achieved also by Argentina, Germany and Italy. The 2006 winner of the country is Italy
FIFA 2010 Learn all about FIFA 2010 world cup that take place in South Africa
History of world cup Although the first football team in the world was created in 1857 (Sheffield Football Club), until 1905 was the first debate to create a world football championship by the FIFA (International Football Federation).
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