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Eurovision Song Contest 2005

In Bulgaria, Moldova to make debut, and returned to Hungary in the competition for the first time since 1998

Eurovision Song Contest 2005 participating countries reached the 39, breaking the record of the Eurovision 2004. Initially, participation was declared for the first time in Lebanon, which we had chosen and participation in "Quand tout s'enfuit" with Aline Lahoud. However, the obligation of the country to convey the participation of Israel, which is at war, was in contradiction with the Constitution of the country and eventually withdrew from the competition. The organization of 2005 passed by «forty waves», and in early years in Ukraine became the «orange revolution» that brought changes in the power of the country but went back and organization. Finally, despite the pessimistic forecasts the NTU, the Ukrainian TV was! Even if they work in Palats Sportu, the stage hosted the contest was even the first days of sheep, and the presenter, Maria Efrosinina Rouslana replaced, initially take the job, a few days before the competition. 25 countries participated in the semifinal, while the qualification for the final was that the previous year. The EBU has decided that if the number of telephone votes to be considered a country is very small, then this country will give the results of the Reserve Committee. This happened with Ukraine and Monaco. Also, this time all countries broadcast and voted on both nights. The row on which the vote was the same as the order of appearance in the final, the excluded countries to vote first on the order of appearance in Imitleiko, in contrast to 2004 given in alphabetical order, with the original ISO each country. In the 26th participation in the competition, 31 years after the first, Greece won the first prize for the first time in the history of Eurovision. Helena Paparizou with the song "My Number One" from the beginning was the absolute favorite, and the expectations were not challenged. The victory celebrated in Greece in wake rejoicing in the streets of major cities Stis Greece and Cyprus.
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