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Eurovision Song Contest 2004

The Eurovision 2004 year is a milestone in the competition

Eurovision Song Contest 2004 Except that for the first time organized by Turkey in Istanbul, is in the Eurovision semi-final and final. The growing number of countries wishing to take part in the competition, was the one that led to this major change. Thus a total of 36 countries reported participation, including for the first time Belarus, Andorra, Albania and Serbia-Montenegro, Monaco and returned after 25 years. Coordinator for the EBU Eurovision assumed Svante Stockselius. In the semifinal 22 countries participated, including 10 in the first chosen in the final rating, which had already taken the ticket 14 countries: the so-called Big-4, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain, always qualify automatically, and 10 countries with the highest rating from the competition the previous year, ie 2003. It was agreed that the largest number of participations will be 40. It should be noted that the right to vote and had 36 countries and two nights. However, France, Poland and Russia, which had already secured their participation in the final did not vote because they broadcast the preliminary. All countries and was now obliged to vote with televoting, while there was spare committee for each country, in case of technical problems with the televoting. It finally happened to Monaco, where there katametrithike no vote, while the problem was in Croatia, which was itself 4 degrees! Big favorite of the evening, the Rouslana with "Wild Dances" for Ukraine, the Sakis Rouvas with "Shake It" for Greece and to Zeljko Joksimovic "Lane Moje" for Serbia-Montenegro. Eventually though the Sakis passed by all countries and two nights, the prize went to Ukraine, which won for the first time in competition.
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