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Eurovision Song Contest 2003

The contest remained in the Baltic, and from Estonia in 2002, moved to neighboring Latvia.

Eurovision Song Contest 2003 Venue: Skonto Olympic Halle City: Riga, Latvia Date: Saturday May 24 Participants: 26 New countries: Ukraine Nikitria country: Turkey Parousistes: Marie N. & Reynar Cowpers Directors: Archimaestros: -- Orchestra: -- Coffee Break: -- The Eurovision 2003 was held at the Skonto Olympic Complex, the capital of Latvia, Riga. Presenters were two former representatives of the country in the competition: the Maria Naumova, winner of Eurovision 2002 and Renars Kaupers, singer of the band Brainstrom, who represented the country in its competition debut in 2000. The coordinator of the EBU for the song contest Eurovision, Christine Marchal-Ortiz, gave to Sarah Yuen, which was replaced after the competition in 2003 by Svante Stockselius. In Eurovision 2003 we had record entries, including 26 countries took part, among which was the Ukraine, for the first time. The vote was televoting for all countries except the Ukraine in which there was no technical possibility to do so. In Ireland, the telephone system has not worked as it should, thus giving the vote of the Reserve Committee. Banned the computerized vocals. The members of the back-up jury orlistikan at 8, 4 and 4 specialists from the public and the date of publication ban holdings go back to October 1. The big favorite of the year were Russian Tatu, whose bad behavior has caused the negative comments of the press and perhaps denied the prize. The battle for victory gave together with Russia, Belgium and Turkey, with the latter finally gets its first victory in the competition, with two degrees of difference from Belgium and three from Russia. The Moscow lodged a formal protest about the Irish televoting, believing that it was deprived of victory, but in reality, if Ireland gave the results of the televoting, Russia will only come 2nd. For the first time in the history of the competition, the UK came last, but has not taken a degree
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