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Eurovision Song Contest 2002

For the first time the contest was organized by a country of the former Eastern Europe, Estonia belonged to the former USSR ever

Eurovision Song Contest 2002 Venue: Saku Suurhall City: Tallinn, Estonia Date: Saturday May 25 Participants: 24 New countries: -- Nikitria country: Latvia Parousistes: Annely Peebo & Marko Matvere Directors: Marius Bratten, Rene Vibre Archimaestros: -- Orchestra: -- Break: Rebirth. Despite initial doubts about whether it would be able to organize the Eurovision, Estonia has succeeded, with the help of the Swedish and Finnish television. The number of participating countries rose to 24, thus acquired the right to participate and Portugal. But it refused to participate for financial reasons, and it went right to isopsifisases last year, Latvia and the Netherlands, the first final to take part, as over the tie, having two 8aria.To that the Netherlands was adopted by most countries, caused some reactions leading to the change from next year of the term referring to the tie. Since 2003, the qualification in the event of a tie will metrouse the number of countries voted each contribution. Also, this year decided that whichever country wins for the second consecutive time is required to organize the competition. But there was something else that caused much discussion. And this was the compulsory use committee televoting in 50% -50% for the formation of any marks choras.Echoume first tilepsifoforia and SMS. And while the rest of Europe has chosen its holdings in traditional ways, Spain original. Matched the reality show Big Brother in the Eurovision and the result was the reality talent show Operacion Triunfo, which has seen huge success and next year was adopted by several countries as a way of selecting their representative in the competition. With an impressive show on stage, the marginal short Latvia achieved its first victory in the competition.
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