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Eurovision Song Contest 1999

The reactions to the victory of Dana, the religious parties in Israel, was more pronounced than for its participation.

Eurovision Song Contest 1999 Venue: Ussishkin Hall-International Convention Center City: Jerusalem, Israel Date: Saturday May 29 Participants: 23 New countries: -- Nikitria country: Sweden Parousistes: Yigal Ravid, Dafna Dekel, Sigal Shahamon Directors: Aaron Goldfinger, Ammon Barkay, Hagay Maunter, Riki Aricha Archimaestros: -- Orchestra: -- Coffee break: Dana International. The same strong reactions affect the possibility of organizing the Eurovision 1999 in Jerusalem. For the IBA, the Israeli television, however, there was no other place to host the contest, from Jerusalem, and specifically the Binyanei Ha'ooma, the building which was organized and the Eurovision 1979 and which is now called International Conference Center. For the first time on the stage of the competition appeared three presenters! The whole event was of course under draconian security measures. The system of exclusion remained the same, while Lithuania, absent since 1995, decided to make Scotland epistrepsei.H request to participate as an independent country, a request rejected by the EBU. Two major changes were made in 1999. First, the EBU, has decided that there was no mandatory provision orchestra by the organizers. The second change is the return of free language, namely the freedom to choose the language of the songs. The IBA rushed to announce that there will be no orchestra in Eurovision 1999, and it goes without saying that most countries have chosen to sing in English. Problems created by the Croatian participation. Immediately after the contest Sweden submitted a formal protest to the EBU for the male voices in the chorus of "Maria Magdalena" was recorded, which is contrary to the terms of the EBU. Thus, it was decided to remove 1 / 3 of points won by Croatia in 1999, but only ca calculating the average grades of 5 years in metrouse for qualification to contest 2000. In practice, this had no effect, since Croatia had a very good average The vote became a duel between Iceland and Sweden, with etin second gets to the 4th victory. The most funny moments of the competition is lowering of when Dana went on stage to give the award to Charlotte Nilsson! The broadcast ended with all participants on stage to sing the "Hallelujah" for the victims of war in yugoslavia.
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