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Eurovision Song Contest 1995

At Eurovision Song Contest 1995 Economic reasons were taking the organization of 3 contiguous Eurovision by RTE, extremely unlikely.

Eurovision Song Contest 1995 Venue: Point Theater City: Dublin, Ireland Date: Saturday 13 May Participants: 23 New countries: -- Nikitria country: Norway Presenter: Mary Kennedy Directors: John Comisky, Patric Cowap, Alan Gilsenan, Declan Eames, Charlie McGarthy Archimaestros: Noel Kelehan Orchestra: RTE Concert Orchestra Coffee break: Lumen. The Irish government, however, decided to finance the production of the competition, and thus Ireland hosted the Eurovision again. In 1995 the contest closing the 40 years of life. That is why the EBU has funded the production of a 5-minute film, made a big time back in the 40 years of Eurovision. For 1995, the EBU has decided to reduce the number of entries to 23. The 7 countries obtained the lowest scores in 1994 were excluded. These were: Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Finland, Slovakia, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The withdrawal of Italy and Luxembourg allowed in Austria and Spain, which also excluded, to finally take part in Eurovision 1995, together with Denmark, Israel, Belgium, Slovenia and Turkey, returned. Norway took a big chance by sending a song which was most instrumental, while the row was only 25 words. The risk took place, loved the committees, and "Nocturne" won the competition, 10 years after the first Norwegian victory.
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