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Eurovision Song Contest 1994

In 1994 Eurovision song contest competition returned to Dublin.

Eurovision Song Contest 1994 Venue: Point Theater City: Dublin, Ireland Date: Saturday April 30 Participants: 25 New countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary Nikitria country: Ireland Presenters: Cynthia Ni Mhurchu & Gerry Ryan Director: Patrick Cowap Archimaestros: Noel Kelehan Orchestra: RTE Concert Orchestra Break: Riverdance. Of the 25 participating countries, 7 were the first time in Eurovision: Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Russia. The involvement of these 7 new countries has been facilitated by the exclusion from various countries who came last in the contest of 1993. Thus, from the Eurovision 1993 qualified for the first 18. Cyprus had become the 19th position, took the withdrawal of Italy, and eventually found in Dublin. Countries with a decision of EBU, now sign a statement that if victory can organize the competition. For the first time we eikona speakers the score of each country. From the great favorite of the year was the German, Finnish, British and Polish participation. Indeed, the Polish participation threatened with foreclosure, as the afternoon rehearsal GEN The Edyta Gorniak interpreted "To nie ja" in English, which forbade the terms of the contract. 6 countries have requested the exclusion of Poland, but needed a majority of the 13th country to do so, and ultimately Edyta diagonistike normally. Very few people who were waiting that Ireland would gain for 3rd consecutive time. But the "Rock'n'roll kids" was the Hut-tricks, for Ireland, which has never again place in the competition. The only song that has experienced some success in the European charts was Lonely Symphony in the United Kingdom. The biggest success of the competition was the dance group Riverdance, which appeared to break.
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