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Eurovision Song Contest 1993

Irish hosted the Eurovision in a cavalry center in Millstreet small village somewhere in the province of Cork.

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 1993 Venue: Green Glens Arena. City: Milstrit, Ireland Date: Saturday 15 May Participants: 25 New countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia Nikitria country: Ireland Presenter: Fionnula Sweeney. Director: Annita Notaro Archimaestros: Noel Kelehan Orchestra: RTE Concert Orchestra Coffee break: Linda Martin & Johnny Logan. 1993 broke all previous record company, as 25 countries took part in the competition. The fall of communism and led to disintegration of Intervision, similar organization of Eurovision for the eastern countries dipsousan for representation in the song contest Eurovision. Seven neofotistoi said participation in 1993. Estonia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the three former Yugoslav republics (Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina). The EBU agreed to a total of 25 countries in Millstreet. This was a preliminary among seven new countries in Ljubljana Slovenia on 3 April 1993 that brought Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina in Ireland. Also dissolved Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) for political reasons exostrakistike by EBU and denied participation until 2002. Interesting also is that for the second time in the history of the institution after 1974 heard in the performance of the Norwegian song "Alle mine tankar" and the Greek bouzouki by Lakis Karnezi. The Frank Naef, EBU coordinator for the institution since 1978, withdrew due to retirement and replaced by the Dane Christian Klausen. The vote of 1993 was also exciting. Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Ireland claimed victory with the last to become the third European country after France and Luxembourg, which reached the 5 victories in the history of the competition of Eurovision. It should be noted that technical problems prevented Malta to announce the vote, in turn, and was last.
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