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Eurovision Song Contest 1991

Cinecitta was the place of Eurovision Song Contest 1991

CONCORSO EUROVISIONE DELLA CANZONE 1991 Venue: Cinecitta City: Rome, Italy Date: Saturday May 04 Participants: 22 Absent: Netherlands Return: Malta Nikitria country: Sweden Presenters: Gigliola Cinquetti & Toto Cutugno Directors: Riccardo Donna, Mario Convertimo Archimaestros: Bruno Canfora Orchestra: Bruno Canfora's Orchestra Break: Arturo Brachetti (magician). Although originally selected in Teatro Ariston, seat of the Festival of Sanremo, the competition to host the Eurovision, for safety led to the temple of Italian and European cinema, the Cinecitta. The RAI chose as hosts the two Italian winners of Eurovision, Gigliola Cinquetti and Toto Cutugno and originally announced the name of Rafaella Carra. The event was a rough lomos and all preparations were made last time. The EBU has decided that the largest number of holdings in a Eurovision would be 22. So the 22 countries in 1989 and 1990 and again invited to take part. But the Netherlands abstained because the May 4 was the day that honors the dead of the 2nd World War. Thus, the EBU has enabled Malta to send a song after 16 years. However, the EBU has clarified that the Maltese were taking place only because the Netherlands was absent. The vote of 1991 was chaotic, exhausting and a point on «annoying». So the most exciting vote in 1969 has lost its interest. The Toto Cutugno spoke constantly, made many mistakes, the scorecard is rarely shown on the screen ... For the first time since 1969 we tie in the first place. According to the EBU rules in force since 1989 when metrountan tie the number of dodekarion that have taken the country and then tie the penny. Sweden and France have four 12aria, but in Sweden yperterouse 10aria. Thus, the declared winner Carola and gave Sweden the victory of the 3rd! This system of EBU criticized as unfair because Sweden had been adopted by fewer countries than France. For the first time the first 6 countries took more than 100 degrees.
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