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Eurovision Song Contest 1990

While the Rock Me Baby representing the Croatian television, the contest was in 1990 in Zagreb.

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 1990 Venue: Vatroslav Lisinki Hall. City: Zagreb, Yugoslavia Date: Saturday May 05 Participants: 22 Nikitria country: Italy Presenters: Helga Vlahovic & Olivier Mlakar. Break: Yugoslav Changes. The two presenters, Helga Vlahovic and Olivar Mlakar, as instructed by the EBU, reduced their appearance on stage to save time. Apart from the opening welcome at the beginning of the evening and a brief intervention Helga between the 7th and 8th song and Olivar between 15th and 16th song, the two hosts climbed back into the scene just before the start of voting. The contest was broadcast for the first time in China. In 1990 was European Year of Tourism, so for the first time since 1982, cartes-postales was film with various attractions of the countries involved. The film of this, the organizers tied nicely with the humorous appearance of EuroCat (an animation), the first mascot of the competition, throughout the evening. The ESC 1990 began with an unusual problem. First place was Spain with Azucar Moreno sisters and their flamegko «BANDIDO». The sound technician, but had forgotten to return to the top of the cassette playback Spanish participation and music came from the middle. The Azucar Moreno left the scene to return shortly after and properly interpret the "Bandido", from the beginning. We had many political songs especially for the fall of the wall (NOR, GER, FIN, AUS), the united Europe (ITA, IRL), but with universal messages. The vote of 1990 was quite interesting, since Italy, Ireland primarily with France and Iceland fought for the victory. From the funny moments when the tender was invited by the Italian Committee to give its votes and the announcer said the amazing: "Voici les resultats du jury espagnol" (and now the results of the Spanish Committee)! O Toto Cutugno who sang for the reunification of the European peoples reached the 2nd victory of Italy in the contest of Eurovision.
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