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Eurovision Song Contest 1988

Ireland hosted the third competition for the third time in the capital, Dublin. The RTE (Irish television) gave particular emphasis to the fact that in 1988 the millennium was in Dublin.

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 1988 Venue: Simmonscourt Pavillion of Royal Dublin Society City: Dublin, Ireland Date: Saturday April 30 Participants: 21 Absences: Cyprus Nikitria country: Switzerland Presenters: Michelle Rocca & Pat Kenny. Director: Declan Lowney Archimaestros: Noel Kelehan Orchestra: RTE Concert Orchestra Break: Hothouse Flowers. Also for the third time in the history of the ESC had two presenters on the stage (really impressive dimensions 60CH24). For second time since 1972 we have video-wall. The 22 countries in 1987 and again stated participation. But we had only 21 views on 30 April after the Cyprus withdrew its participation because of the accused that song was heard before the date set by the EBU. The EBU has brought a change in the voting system of committees. Instead of eleven members by then, the number increased to sixteen: 4 persons 15 to 25 years, 4 people from 26 to 35 years, 4 members from 36 to 45, and 4 members older than 46 years. Also, 16 members of each committee would evaluate each song from 1 to 10 degrees, instead of the previous system was from 1 to 5 degrees. Greece was represented by Venus edge with the song «Clown», which, although wrong, was adopted by Turkey, which was first. Switzerland favorite was sent by the French NE PARTEZ PAS SANS MOI, which interprets a completely unknown in Europe, young Gallokanadeza from Quebec, the CELINE DION. The other favorite of the evening was sent to Luxembourg famous throughout the French-speaking Europe, LARA FABIAN to interpret CROIRE. Keep the bets «play» and the United Kingdom, the song had been chosen tilepsifoforia for the first time. The vote was extremely exciting and the prize was judged to literally point, the United Kingdom to come 2nd, 1 point behind Switzerland, who won again, 32 years after its first victory in 1956. The CELINE became famous in Europe and began an impressive international career since.
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