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Eurovision Song Contest 1987

The 1987 Eurovision was the biggest contest at that time with 22 countries taking part so far

CONCOURS EUROVISION DE LA CHANSON 1987 Venue: Palais du Centainaire City: Brussels, Belgium Date: Saturday May 9 Participants: 22 Nikitria country: Ireland Presenter: Viktor Lazlo Director: Jacques Bourton Archimaestros: Jo Carlier Orchestra: Jo Carlier's Orchestra Break: Mark Grauwels. Brussels, the capital of Belgium hosted the first contest of the ESC in 1987 Unbound built specifically for the needs of the organization, which immediately dissolved. This was a great event for the Belgians. The event in Brussels and in general of the Belgian television it was not something easily done. Indeed, the ESC 1987 she almost left the hands of Belgian television due to internal problems. H EBU had already Identification of French-speaking Swiss television (2nd in 1986) if they agree to hold the competition in Belgium where the stated failure. Since 1956, RTBF (French-speaking Belgian television) and BRT (the Dutch-speaking Belgian television) alternated each year to represent their country. In 1986 the J'AIME LA VIE of SANDRA KIM represented the RTBF. So according to the regulations of 1987 the organization had to be done by the French-speaking Belgians. But the problem was that 1987 was a series of Flemish song to send to Eurovision and wanted to be Dutch-speaking town of Ostend. Both TVs do not accept any compromise. Shortly before the RTBF go to the organization itself, the issue was sent to the Belgian parliament, which decided that the RTBF organized after the ESC-won-and that the BRT would send the Belgian song, since it was her turn. A recent joint organizing effort failed, and so the RTBF went alone to the final plans for Brussels. The presenter-famous several successes in assets in the film and music-took its name from the homonymous male role in the film Casablanca. Features spacecraft were earrings and enhancements. In 1987 we had record company! 22 countries reported participation, 20 countries participated in 1986 and with them, Greece and Italy returned after a year absence. Vote Germany and Yugoslavia were very strong, but somewhere before the middle, then Ireland was the first and until the end! The Hold Me Now to Johnny Logan, was a great success worldwide and all-time classic like the Italian "Gente Di Mare". The Johnny Logan is the only singer who has received 2 awards Eurovision. In reprise says: I still love you all (in 1980 said I love you all).
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