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Eurovision Song Contest 1985

Eurovision Song Contest 1985 was one of the best in term of stage and presentation as a TV show

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 1985 Venue: Scandinavium City: Gothenburg, Sweden Date: Saturday May 4 Participants: 19 Absent: Netherlands, Yugoslavia Nikitria country: Norway Presenter: Lill Lindfors Director: Steen Priwin Archimaestros: Curt-Eric Holmquist Orchestra: Curt Eric Holmquist's Orchestra Break: Guitars Unlimited. In Gothenburg hosted the SVT (Swedish television) in the second Eurovision Song Contest made. In 1985 was the first year that the final night appearance changed compared to previous years. The Swedish television devoted thousands of tickets for people who wanted to go to SCANDINAVIUM. Many Danes and Norwegians traveled to Gothenburg to attend the big night. Throughout Scandinavia and fairly mobilized in 1985 marked Nordic year. The SVT has chosen as the presenter Lill Lindfors had represented Sweden in 1966 (2nd). The Lill Lindfors, impeccably presented the contest. In 1985, however, will remember for the skirt of Lill who fell as she entered the stage to present the score! After the first shock all back in class, but many leaders of the EBU does not hate this «joke», the Swedish television. Since established strict regulations like the final night to be like the final rehearsal. In 1985 we had 19 countries. Greece and Israel, back after a year absence, unlike the Netherlands did not take part because May 4th is a day of remembrance for the dead of the 2nd World War. Yugoslavia also did not take part because this was the May 4 anniversary of the death of marshal Tito. The vote of 1985 was exciting, in terms of passion had nothing to jealous from the evening of Eurovision. The SCANDINAVIUM paralirouse subsequently criticism welcome, flags wind .. mostly Swedish, Norwegian or Danish. Germany, the big favorite was the second place with 105 points. Thus the balance in Norway, which raised to eight and no dodekaria Ten for the first time won the competition
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