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Eurovision Song Contest 1992

The Eurovision Song Contest 1992 was the 37th Eurovision Song Contest and was held on May 9, 1992 in Malmo, Sweden. The presenters were Lydia Cappolicchio

Linda Martin, representing Ireland, was the winner of this Eurovision with the song Why Me?.(Why?) The song was written by Johnny Logan, who had won the 1980 contest as singer and the 1987 contest as singer/songwriter. The contest took place at the indoor ice arena of Malmo where the stage set was in the shape of a Viking ship's bow with a dragon in the centre and stars on each side. The opening sequence included women dressed in the Swedish colours of yellow and blue, twirling ribbons. The filmic postcard tradition was continued with clips based on each country. Last year's winner, Carola, appeared on stage in a white dress with sheer sleeves, a rhinestone collar and cuffs and sang All the reasons to live. One of the best song, all time in ESC, Mia Martini but finally was 4th on the score board on eurovision night. Eurovision Song Contest 1983 marked the last participation of the dismembering Yugoslavia which soon separated into independent nations, some of which attempted to participate in the 1993 contest.
Mia Martini Rapsodia Italy 1992  One of the best song, all time in ESC, Mia Martini sings Rapsodia for Italy, Sadly Mia died in 1995, read lyrics, translation and listen to this song
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