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Eurovision Song Contest 1984

Euronision 1984 at Theatre Municipal herreys won among Nineteen countries

CONCOURS EUROVISION DE LA CHANSON 1984 Venue: Theatre Municipal City: Luxembourg Date: Saturday 5 May Participants: 19 Absent: Malta, Israel, Greece Nikitria country: Sweden Presenter: Desiree Nosbusch Directors: Rene Steichen, Fay Lecoq Archimaestros: Pierre Cao Orchestra: Pierre Cao's Orchestra Break: Prague Theatre of Illuminated Drawings. The fourth and last event of the State Television Luxembourg (RTL) was in NOUVEAU THEATRE which had hosted the contest in 1973. However, it was no longer the Nouveau (new), was renamed "THEATRE MUNICIPAL", namely the Municipal Theater. H was the youngest presenter in the competition, just 19 years. In 1984 we were back in Ireland, but Israel is once again in 1980 and did not take place after the Passover fell on 5 May. Greece abstained as 1982. Nineteen countries were in Luxembourg for the first place and should be noted that the vote was exciting this year! This year we have the highest rating last and penultimate difference country (25 points). In principle fought victory for Denmark, Spain and Ireland. Halfway through the voting appeared Sweden and lit battle between Sweden and Denmark! Towards the end, however, Sweden experienced only Ireland, which came in second place with 137 points. The HERREY'S but won only a few months after the contest had already forgotten. The second victory of Sweden was not the scope of ABBA.
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