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Elecronic Games reviews

The term computer game refer to any game played using an electronic device. This device may be a computer, a game console, a mobile phone etc.

Electronic games have evolved and these together with the "explosion" of technology in a pioneering era of the game "pong" to be considered very old now and new games 3d form to be considered too simple and more to come out with new best graphics. All games are a form of input from the user, eg a keyboard, a joystick, mouse or a gamepad, and an output format that satisfies the senses of the player, usually a monitor or television and loudspeakers. There is a huge variety of games and an amazing diversity, designed to meet the desires of each player. There are many types of computer games: Puzzles (Tetris) Roleplaying Games (Elder Scrolls, Eye of the Beholder) Game action perspective first or third person (Doom, Quake) Strategy games (Civilization, Age of Mythology) Adventure games (adventure) (King's Quest, Grim Fandango) Sports games (FIFA series and NBA Live) Simulation games (The Sims, MS Flight Simulator, SimCity) and other species. The average age of the player computer games is now 30.2, refuting the myth that video games are largely a diversion for teenagers.
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