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Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is a fantastic TV cartoon show for kids with many educational concent; Kids will love dora and her friend boots

Dora the Explorer is an adventurous, clever, Latin girl. Dora the Explorer lives in a house with her Mama and Papi. She always makes new stories with her lovely friend boots. Determined, positive, helpful and caring, Dora the Explorer is always ready for adventure. She takes 3 adventures for every episode and achive a goal with her faithful Backpack, Map and her best friend Boots. Dora's best friend Boots is a furry monkey who speaks english. He is sweet and caring and loves to hold Dora's hand, following her while they explore. He also loves to make Dora laugh by surprising her. Whenever Boots is feeling down he manages to bounce back with his special triple flips. Map is a nice, bouncy rolled-up friend living in Backpack's side pocket. He is an incredibly useful helper because he shows the way to go on a place. They sing: If there's a place you need to get, I can get you there I bet. Remember that Map is always singing. Right click and Print out this great Dora the Explorer sign, get an adult to help you cut around the edges.
Dora the Explorer coloring pages Let Dora the Explorer learn you a few things, boots and the map will help dora to find her way
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