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China may be regarded as one of the countries with the oldest civilization.

Between 5th and 2nd BC millennium in China there is a fairly developed culture. From the excavations show that the then inhabitants of China were aware of the process of manufacturing ceramics and painting. The 16th-11th century there is enough evidence that China had organized them. From that time dates the first Chinese dynasty, the dynasty of Shang or Yin. According to tradition, the Emperor Fu - Ho (2,200 BC) invented writing and was the first legislature. The Saint - Noungk challenged the foundations of agriculture and medicine. The emperor Chouangk - What did the calendar, while his wife taught the first art of the silkworm rearing. Below is a dynasty of Hsiao and then the Chau dynasty (1050 - 221 BC). At that time China has experienced an extremely strong growth in all sectors. The organization of the state responded to her that was the Middle Ages in Europe. The last period of the Chau dynasty developed significantly perceptions of social and political life and agriculture, with the discovery of iron, very developed. At that time we have to specify Confucius and teaching, which left its stamp on subsequent developments in China. In 221 BC a ruler, the Si Tsin Chouangk - What was to unite all the kingdoms of China and be crowned emperor. The ruler has fought with the Huns and completing the great Great Wall. Established even for China throughout the single yardstick. But a mandate to destroy the books and texts Komfoukiou, which made him very hateful. Finally in 206 BC revolution broke out and rose to power another dynasty, the Han. The Han reinstated the teaching of Komfoukiou recognizing komfoukianismo as the official doctrine of the state. The contrasts, however, between the north and south led to the abolition of the Han dynasty and the division of China into three kingdoms suffering much from the constant attacks of the Turks and Mongols. In 1279 AD China to subjugate the Mogul by 1368. For the life of China less than the domination of the Mongols speak our stories of Marco Polo. At the same time begin to arrive, and several missionaries. The Mongols established the dynasty of Jan, imposed some significant reforms. The 1368 to 1644 went to the Ming dynasty as a result of weakening the country and be subjugated to Mantzourianous, who took power and founded the dynasty of Tsingk which vasilepse from the 1644 to 1912. During this dynasty that China has experienced a new expansion of its borders. Some of the emperors of the dynasty of Tsingk protect the letters and the arts, but the dynasty led to the isolation of China in its effort to avoid the deterioration of culture by the introduction of the European. At the beginning of the 19th century but began economic, political and social decline of the country. At the same time, the British, in their efforts to achieve the dissolution of the Chinese state began to introduce and disseminate the Chinese opium. When in 1840 the Chinese responded, entered the war has become known in history as the "opium war". Eventually the Chinese were defeated and forced to accept the opium trade, to give England Hong - Kong and allow in English merchant ships using five ports. In 1844 the U.S. and France reached new privileges and concessions at the expense of China. Within a few years China has lost many possessions and the provinces of Europe. Alongside the economic penetration of Europe is resulting in greater economy depends solely from the European trading companies. Many enlightened intellectuals try to give new impetus and organization of the state. Erupt in several popular uprisings suppressed by the conservative forces, such as the revolt of the Boxers in 1900. Ultimately the various revolutionary tendencies united and founded the famous Kouomitangk. In 1912 catalysed the empire and the country declared democracy. Same time in China there were various local rulers who dominate a certain area and take their taxes on their behalf with private armies and each of them trying to expand the area at the expense of others, ypodaflizomenos by Europeans. The acidity was stopped in 1927 the Tsakgk - TEC And when the Kouomitangk seized power. The Japanese, taking advantage of these weaknesses, in Mantzouria invaded in 1931 and founded the State of Mantzoukouo. The leadership of Kouomitangk instead to organize resistance in the country, turned against followers of Mao Tse Tung and so was the division of Kouomitangk. Finally in 1937 the Japanese occupied the entire northern part of the country. Between 1937 and 1942 made several attempts to unite the two movements of Kouomitangk and that which was the communist party leadership, but without result. Finally in 1946 led to conflict, which ended with the victory of Mao Tse Tung Chang And while the CVT has the Taiwan island and founded the Nationalist China, which was considered to be representative of China. In 1970, however ceased n 'is recognized as the sole representative of th
The Chinese wall The Chinese wall is an old fortification project in northern China and is the largest building in the world.
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