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Cyprus Locations

In any corner of Cyprus, the original Mediterranean landscape keeps intact the blessing of the timeless beauty of antiquity.

Cyprus is the jewel of the eastern Mediterranean. A place with ancient history and culture and an outstanding natural environment and climate. Cyprus had the fortune and misfortune with standing at the crossroads of three continents for 6000 years to be the object of lust for all those jealous of its beauty. Cyprus is ideal for any kind of travel throughout the year and is bound to compensate the guest with the best.
Ancient Odeon of Paphos The Ancient Odeon of Paphos is located at the northeast edge of the ancient city, the slope of the hill Faprika.
Mosaics of Paphos When in 58 BC Cyprus is annexed to Rome, New Paphos was the capital of Cyprus. It was the only city on the island that has retained the privilege of minted coins during the Roman period. After the destructive earthquake of the 4th century.
Paphos Travel Guide Paphos Travel Guide - Get the idea on how is living on Paradise.
Petra tou romiou One of the most beautiful beaches of Cyprus outstanding natural beauty where the legend emerged from the waves of Aphrodite, the goddess of Beauty and Love. Of this fact the site was named Rock coast of Venus.
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Cyprus Locations
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