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Christianity religion

Builder of Christianity is Jesus Christ. The coming of Christ in the world was foreshadowed by holy persons of Jewish religion, the prophets.

Official confirmation and verification of the prophecy, the coming of the Messiah, we have the same Christ in conversation with the Samareitida. When he said that «Oida that Messiah comes, the so-called Christ», Jesus revealed the «Amy the lalon I kind» (Ioan. 4, 25 - 26). Christianity Judaism released by the 49 AD by decision of the Apostolic Synod of Jerusalem. Thus, while Judaism was not the coming of Christ, and continues to expect, as Christianity «New build» followed the path set by the Theanthropos Christ. The number of Christians from the earliest years of Christianity until today is in constant upward trend. According to existing data, 33 AD the day of Pentecost believed in the preaching of the Apostle Peter and three thousand Christians baptized Jew. In 100 AD Christians have been five million, in 1000 AD had reached the fifty million and now exceeding one billion. Separation of Christianity. Since released from Christianity Judaism (49 AD) until the year 858 AD not encountered serious problems, although there was some controversy because of the attitudes of the various Christian peoples. The first centuries in the West because they spoke the Greek language, contrasts taktopoiountan. But when the West prevailed as Theology and Church Latin language, the differences were deeper, because the works of the fathers of the Church (Kingdom, Chrysostom, etc.) were to be examined by ignorance of the Greek language. Thus began Westerners removed slowly - slowly from the east. The Sixth Ecumenical Council in the Western Church has suggested a number of innovations, but has not given importance and continued to proceed to separation. The Second Ecumenical Council in the third rule, acknowledged the bishop of Rome «Embassy price», because Rome was the oldest capital of the state and appointed the bishop of Constantinople is price leadership after the bishop of Rome because Constantinople was the new Rome. But Westerners have adopted the supreme authority of the Pope of Rome over other patriarchs and the whole Church. Indeed the Pope Nicholas in the ninth century, to the surprise of not only Eastern and Western, wanted to show «theio right» Lord of the Church throughout the world. Finally in 1054, was the definitive separation of Eastern and Western Church, when a delegation of three Western Church under Cardinal Ouverto went to Constantinople and entered the church of Hagia Sophia at the time of divine worship and left on the altar document which anathematize then Patriarch Michael Constantine Kiroulario and all Orthodox as heretics. The Western Church has since ceased to have contact with the Eastern and the other four Patriarchate.
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