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It is religion that appeared in India and is directly related to Hinduism. The founder of Buddhism is Sinchatra Gkaoutama (Buddha),

Buddha lived from 563 -483 BC Gkaoutama The man was despondent, ligomilitos, sullen and isolated from the social environment. At the age of 35 years left his wife and child and disappeared into the desert and distant country, where under conditions of isolation and self-made «Buddha» / or illuminated. Buddhism was transmitted from India to form sects in the world. In Tibet, they believe that the living Buddha incarnate in the body of the Supreme Priest called Dalai - Lama. When dying the Dalai - Lama, they believe that the soul metensarkonetai child born at the same time, which succeeds the deceased Dalai - Lama. Teaching Buddhism. Buddhism denies the existence of an eternal and omnipotent God. He admits that the dying man, or metempsychonetai elsewhere, or leads to absolute zero. If you do not reach the absolute zero, then paid according to the good or the bad acts in this life. The teaching Voudiki contains instructions for some of the fans like? Fonefseis Non, non psefstheis, do not steal, do not moichefseis and not drunk. Among the faithful followers of Buddhism and the monks there who, outside of the above orders should also be pure, to observe fasting and abstinence, to avoid the enjoyment and entertainment and to pursue austerity, and inure afilochrimatia. Buddhism argues strongly deny life to which the Buddhists to reach the internal composure, the «Nirvana». The contact of Buddhism with other religions, particularly Christianity and science and culture of 20. century, which is anything but life is denied, forced him to adjust his teaching and to present the only acceptable points. The classic case Buddhism is religion without God, trying to deny life and mysticism methods, internal calmness, aftostochasmou endless reflection and to provide solutions to major problems that concern the fans.
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