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Barbie and the Diamond Castle coloring pages

make a coloring book of pictures of for kids for Barbie and the Diamond Castle coloring pages

Barbie and the Diamond Castle.
The movie begins with Barbie and Teresa writing a song together on their guitars when Barbie's sister Stacie storms in angry with her friend Courtney. (This is the first appearance of Barbie's sister Stacie in any of the Barbie Films.) Barbie decides to tell Stacie the story of two friends named Liana and Alexa.

Barbie and the Diamond Castle main characters: Liana and Alexa (Barbie and Teresa) are best friends who share everything, including their love of singing. Liana and Alexa sell flowers for a living.

At Barbie and the Diamond Castle Liana finds two heart-shaped diamonds in the river. Suddenly, there is a storm, and the two girls hurry inside their house. Liana makes the two diamonds into two necklaces, one for each girl. When they went outside the next morning, they find that their garden is destroyed by the storm. They sell the remaining flowers to get 3 coins, but that will not last until the next growing season.

Barbie and the Diamond Castle is very intresting story, to follow.

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