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Attractions in France

France is the most popular travel destination in Europe.

France is famous for its natural and historical sites, attracting tourists from all countries. Most famous attraction of France could be found in Paris, the capital of France. People traveling to Paris, the center of world culture and tourist attractions, not just to enjoy the magnificent architecture, ancient and contemporary art, historical monuments and museums, but also to feel the life style in Paris. There are so many beautiful places and tourist attractions in France! Visit Mont-Saint Michel, a spectacular island monastery in France, or can travel to D-Day beaches of Normandy and peep in the history of the Second World War. Many famous historical sights are located in Brittany, the historic city of France, where you can travel to. To learn the secrets of world-renowned French wines, be sure to visit the Champagne vineyards. France offers special tours with wine testing, so you can get one and enjoy! Many sights of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, invites travelers to visit the Loire Valley is famous for its castles, fortresses and palaces. France is ready to discover all the treasures to those who want to travel and to learn
Louvre museum Louvre has become an important museum and the world
Notre Dame Paris The famous cathedral in Paris,Notre Dame Paris, is one of the remarkable architectural monuments of the Gothic.
Paphos Travel Guide Paphos Travel Guide - Get the idea on how is living on Paradise.
The Eiffel tower The Eiffel tower has a height of 324 meters and weighs 10,100 tonnes. It has 1665 steps to reach the 125 m and 3 storeys to 95 m in 125m. and 310 meters.
Attractions in France
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