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Archaeology places to visit

Discover the best Archaeology locations to visit; Some Archaeology places is a must see for all.

Take a trip to far away places and visit archaeological sites. Some of those Archaeology places shows the history of our planet, history is close connected to our future. Archaeology places will suprise you. So many secrets of ancient words are kept in the dark. Archaeology places will tell you what Tv and other media avoid to do so. here is a list of the best Archaeology places in the world. Visit them and learn the unknown.
Stonehenge uk The Stonehenge is a megalithic monument located in the valley of Solsmpery (Salisbury) in southern England.
Olympia the archeology In the western Peloponnese, in the beautiful valley of the river Alpheios, flourished the most glorious temple of ancient Greece,
Mosaics of Paphos When in 58 BC Cyprus is annexed to Rome, New Paphos was the capital of Cyprus. It was the only city on the island that has retained the privilege of minted coins during the Roman period. After the destructive earthquake of the 4th century.
Epidaurus the theater The place of Epidaurus was sacred to deities with healing properties since prehistoric times.
Ancient Odeon of Paphos The Ancient Odeon of Paphos is located at the northeast edge of the ancient city, the slope of the hill Faprika.
Acropolis Parthenonas In the rocky hill of the Acropolis, which dominates the center of modern Athens, was the most important and sacred megaloprepestero of the ancient city, dedicated, primarily, to the goddess protector, Athena.
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