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Eurovision Song Contest 1983

The Eurovision Song Contest 1983, the 28th in the series, was held in Munich, then West Germany, on 23 April 1983.

The presenter of the The Eurovision Song Contest 1983 was Marlene Charell, who delivered her introductions in German, English and French. Corinne Hermes was the winner of this Eurovision with the song, "Si la vie est cadeau". This was Luxembourg's fifth victory in the contest which equalled the record set by France in 1977. The set that year was rather peculiar, with a quite small, arc-shaped stage surrounding the orchestra section, and a large background resembling giant electric heaters, which lit up in different sequences and combinations depending on the nature and rhythm of the songs. Eurovision Song Contest 1983 was the first to be televised live to Australia, over the SBS, although that country has never actually participated. Nevertheless, previous winners Abba and Bucks Fizz had been huge in Australia, to which many Europeans had emigrated.
Per Lucia by Riccardo Fogli Italy 1983 Riccardo Fogli participated in Eurovision Song Contest with the entry Per Lucia, where he finished in 11th place and received 43 points
Hoffmann & Hoffmann the German entry at the 1983  Hoffmann & Hoffmann performing Rucksicht(Consideration), the German entry lyrics at the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest
Armando Gama Esta balada que te dou portugal 1983 Armando Gama and the song Esta balada que te dou was a big succes after the contest
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